About us

We build a better world

With over 10 years of experience, Abdulrahman Almuaibid Group was established by the efforts of young saudis, striving to provide professional solutions with top quality standards.


Over 10 years

Of planning, design and innovation

Leading companies

In various sectors

+300 employees

In a talented and cohesive team

About Us

AAM Group of companies is a well diversified company that is dedicated to the satisfaction of clan in the Saudi Arabia Market. The Business had taken strides to ensure progress in the country’s economy.


AAM Group Believes in the cooperating with business partners as matter of good business practices, this Co-operation is also extended to esteemed suppliers and competitors in offering various services.

Our Values

Over the past years, Abdulrahman Almuaibid Group has continued to embrace strong and solid values. We believe in team spirit, creativity, honesty and leaving a positive impact on society.

Our Vision

We aspire to make our investments the most growing and diversified in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

Our Mission

We are taking steps to contribute to accelerating the wheel of progress in the Saudi Arabia by enabling the companies we manage to develop and advance and generate great job opportunities that contribute to the development of the economy. We want to be a major part in achieving the vision of the of Saudi Arabia.

Our Social Responsibility

United to serve our community!


Together for the benefit of our community! At Abdulrahman Almuaibid Group, the intent of our business goes beyond its economic and financial outcomes to assuming our social and environmental responsibility. That’s why we always desire to do our best to promote the quality of life in our community. 

Our achievements include:

  • Designing the administrative building for Benaa Society in the Eastern Region.
  • Interior design for Tarmeem Society.
  • Participated in the campaigns of Goud Women Charity.
  • Participated in engineering services for Mawa Charity.